What is the best faucet for your bathroom

What is the best faucet for your bathroom

Whether you want to remodel your bathroom or build your new home there will be a wide range of faucets to choose for your bathroom. From faucet materials, size, or style depending on your bathroom style the best faucet that suits your bathroom might be different.

Nowadays by advancing the technology, the faucets that are equipped with sensors to turn on or off the tap automatically are available easily. Therefore, it can bring a huge comfort to your bathroom.

These combinations of elements work together to make your bathroom look elegant and glamorous.

Faucet Styles

Modern or traditional, fancy or simple, single handle or two. When it comes to choosing the faucet style for the bathroom, there are a lot of options!

In case you have just decided to update your current sink, your possibilities are limited to the size of the existing sink. However, if you have decided to replace the entire sink, the sky is the limit!

The main point is that the style you want to choose should match the overall look of the bathroom from the sink to the shower fixture and the bathtub.

Single-hole Faucets:

This faucet style is a good choice for small bathrooms. The mixing handles and spout are packed in one unit and the installation needs only one drilled sinkhole.


Wall-Mount Faucets:

A Stylish and unique type of faucet. The wall-mount sinks plumbing goes through the wall above and behind the sink and that’s how it makes the appearance different.


Widespread-Mount Faucets:

The mixing handles are separated from the spout, at least for 8 inches distance between both handles.


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